Educational institutions have resorted to technological platforms to ensure the continuity of learning. And while online learning has been in place for a good part of the year, students, teachers, and parents are still adjusting to the new setup.

In this unprecedented time, parent involvement is a significant factor for a successful virtual learning experience. Listed below are three things that parents and guardians can do to support students with e-learning.

Monitor and Support

The conventional classroom setting provides students with a structure that helps them accomplish tasks and coursework. In order to stay on track, students participating in online learning have to establish routines and manage time on their own.

Some students thrive in this environment, while some may struggle to manage an increased level of autonomy. Parents can help out by checking on their children to make sure they haven’t fallen behind.

If a student struggles to keep up with school work, parents will be able to provide support if they are updated with their child’s academic activities. Although not all parents and guardians can check on their children regularly, monitoring them weekly can be very beneficial to their progress.

Establish a Designated Workspace

Having a designated workspace significantly contributes to a student’s ability to focus. With online classes, students have the freedom to choose where they want to work on their tasks and assignments. For that reason, it’s crucial to make sure they are in a comfortable and quiet environment.

Maintain a Line of Communication with the Teachers

E-learning requires a higher level of independence from students, but teachers still play a critical role in their progress. As a parent, maintaining an open line of communication with your child’s educators is important.

While conversing with the teachers, take the opportunity to ask how your child is doing. Learning about the platform and curriculum is also encouraged to make sure you can provide proper support.

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