Between 2000 and 2005 charter school attendance increased by 5%. Alternative high school can be the solution for your student that has dropped out of their public high school. The fact is that public high schools are not for everyone.

An alternative to public high school may be the setting that can help your child to get their high school diploma. A good high school alternative is set up to help your child succeed.

Why Do Kids Drop Out of School?

Study after study has looked at why children wind up dropping out of high school. A little over 16% of students do not complete high school in the public school system. 27% of students surveyed said they dropped out of school because of failing grades and they felt like they were too far behind to catch up.

20% of students drop out because they say that they did not feel like they were getting the support that they needed from the teachers. What if you could change those feelings for your child and get them in a school that focuses on helping your child to succeed?

A charter high school can offer:

  • Smaller class sizes to provide individual attention
  • Programs that focus on success
  • A curriculum that is based on helping the student work at their own pace

A lot of children drop out of high school because they are failing. It is well-known that children give up on school because they are not getting the support that they need in overcrowded classrooms. Smaller class size means more individualized attention and helps in the subjects that they need help with.

Programs that Are Designed for Success

An alternative high school education is an education that uses “alternative methods” that are designed to help the student find success. This can be exactly what a child needs to succeed.

A “can do” attitude can be a game-changer for a kid that is struggling to get their high school diploma. Programs that are built around building confidence can help to achieve goals.

A Low-Pressure Environment

There is a lot of pressure to keep up with work and compete in traditional public schools. An alternative school can allow a child to work at their own pace to get their high school diploma. There are solutions for children that have dropped out of high school. Learn more about the value of an alternative high school.

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