With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic causing the education sector to make drastic changes in their teaching approach, a lot of students are facing challenges in keeping up with their studies. The sudden shift from face-to-face to online classes and the uncertainty of the current situation make it difficult for them to focus on pursuing education.

It is not, however, impossible for students to overcome this hurdle. The following habits, when developed and maintained with a positive approach, will help them continue moving forward.

Have Short, Regular Study Sessions

Most students find themselves pulling an all-nighter to cram for a huge exam the following day. However, it isn’t scientifically the best solution. Spending long hours cramming for a test doesn’t develop deep and lasting comprehension. That means although one may end up acing it, it will only take a few days to forget all that information.

The key to avoiding this is to make studying a part of the daily routine. Instead of pulling a single all-nighter, space out the sessions over regular, shorter study periods. Think about how much time you can allocate to studying every day that doesn’t require sacrificing sleep. Then, make it a routine that’s feasible enough to maintain throughout the school year.

Find a Distraction-Free Study Spot

A student’s learning environment greatly affects their study habits. It should be a place that would immediately send a signal to the brain that one is ready to learn and concentrate. With educational institutions transitioning from physical to online classes, most students are forced to learn off-campus. And some find this difficult to achieve due to a lot of distractions at home, among other reasons.

When studying at home, it’s essential to establish a distraction-free study zone. It can be a spot in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or any other place that allows one to fully concentrate. Organize all the materials you really need and get rid of everything that has nothing to do with studying.

Set Personal Goals and Motivations

Even with the compassionate environment of a secondary school in Gainesville, FL, it’s inevitable for students to encounter external factors that may divert them from pursuing their goals. Setting personal motivations can go a long way towards overcoming such hurdles.

When studying, it’s important to have a clear picture of one’s personal goals. Start from something small, such as finishing a course assignment on time. Once achieved, reward yourself by shopping for clothes or ordering your favorite food. Think about the achievement and the reward as goals and the motivation will come naturally.

Take a Step Closer to Your Goals

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