The National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools (NCSECS) reported that more and more parents of students with disabilities send their children to a public charter school. And there’s a good reason behind it.

Studies show that charter school students with special needs show higher academic proficiency compared to those who are enrolled in traditional academies. This could easily be attributed to the fact that charter school environments allow their educators to provide more attention to their students.

Charter schools aren’t bound by conventional structures, and this allows them to come up with non-traditional and innovative methods of education. As a result, students with disabilities are doing better academically as well as socially in a public charter school setting.



NCSECS also revealed that charter schools are catering to more students with special needs than ever. This only proves that more and more parents of special needs students are putting their trust in charter school organizations.

The federal government mandates that special needs students have to be included in general education settings with non-special needs pupils for 80% of a school day. Charters schools are smashing this goal as majority of their students with disabilities attend general education classrooms for 80% or more. This is significantly higher compared to students with disabilities in traditional public schools.


Brighter Future

According to studies, special needs graduates of charter schools are twice as likely to enter college compared to those who went to traditional academic institutions. There’s a noticeable gap as 43% of special education graduates from charter schools get enrolled in colleges, while only 23% of their traditional high school counterparts enter tertiary education.

It’s encouraging for every parent to know that there are alternative educational programs for children that need more attention than what a conventional setting can provide. Charter school programs are leading the way, and it’s safe to be optimistic that these organizations will only come up with creative approaches in the future.


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