In the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, there is a provision known as Title I. The primary purpose of this, according to the United States Department of Education, is to ensure that all young Americans have a fair and equal opportunity to obtain high-quality learning.

Title I schools in Florida help improve the academic achievements of disadvantaged students. And, if you’re wondering how they do that, listed below are the benefits they provide.

Quality Educators

According to this provision, Title I school teachers in core academic subjects need to be highly qualified. This means that educators for major subjects in Title I schools in Florida must be evaluated and certified by the state in their respective areas of expertise.

If teachers don’t meet the highly qualified status that’s required of them, the school can utilize Title I funds to help them reach the standards. Not only does Title I aid in improving the learning experience of students, but it also helps educators move forward in their careers.

After-Hours Programs

Title I schools maximize every opportunity to make sure all students are given a chance to succeed academically. For that reason, supplemental education services are made available to students.

Some districts have Title I schools that offer after-hours programs. This includes tutorial services and remedial classes. Parents will be notified if their child is qualified for these supplemental programs and will be given a list of service providers.

Dropout Recovery Program

Not every student benefits from the traditional model of the education system. For that reason, some Title I schools are offering dropout recovery programs to aid students who have fallen behind and get back on track. This program combines flexibility, strategic assistance, and emotional support to help students who are considered “at risk.”

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North Central Florida Charter School is one of the leading Title I academies in the state. Our mission is to provide an accelerated and individualized curriculum designed to help students achieve their graduation goals.

We serve all high school grades, as well as middle school students who have fallen behind. Contact us for more information about our enrollment process.

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