Choosing an alternative high school education program for your child can be a stressful task. How can you be sure the school you choose is the right match for your child that not only challenges them but provides an environment for them to do so? Outside of giving our teachers the support they need to be leaders in the classroom, at North Central Florida Charter School, we also provide several key elements necessary for success. 

Individualized Attention

The goal of our program is to create active, engaged leaders who achieve their goals in a timely and efficient manner. To be able to do this, we understand that every child is unique and deserves the opportunity to learn in a way that best suits them. 

Having smaller class sizes provide for a more personalized relationship between the students and teachers. This not ensures that there is more flexibility in the teacher’s role in each student’s life but also strengthens the sense of community in the classroom. 

If the physical classroom approach is not ideal for your child, we also offer online classes as well. NFC Charter utilizes a computer-based approach, where our courses can be accessed at home or the library.

High Expectations

Just like you, our educators expect our students to achieve. When you enroll your child at NFC Charter, we hold our students to the highest expectations while also giving them the flexibility to adapt to their goals based on individual needs and unique learning styles. 

Non-Competitive Environment

One major stressor of the traditional high school setting is the competitive learning environment. The battle for class valedictorian or boasting about having the highest grade on a test does not exist at NFC. 

One of our goals is to allow our students to accelerate in a timely and efficient manner. It’s important to us that at-risk students see how far they’ve come instead of being judged strictly by test scores or how they compare to others. 

There are so many more reasons why North Central Florida Charter School is the best alternative education program for you to choose from. We strongly believe that our Alachua County charter school provides the perfect environment for acceleration in the classroom. It’s important to us that our students feel excited about school again. 

Graduating from high school and receiving a diploma is an accomplishment every child should receive. Having this sense of accomplishment sets your child up for a more hopeful future, where they can accomplish whatever they set their minds to. Whether it be college, vocational training, entering the workforce, or another path they decide to take, we want every child to have the opportunity to achieve their dreams of the future. 

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