Your children are your most prized and protected assets, and part of keeping your children happy and healthy is to make sure they get their education. However, not all kids learn the same way. Some kids just thrive in a different environment than your classic school offers, and alternative and charter schools provide an experience that may be best.

It can be hard to know if an alternative school is the best solution for your kids. However, charter school attendance has risen in recent years; according to the US Department of Education, there were three million children going to charter schools in the 2015 to 2016 school year, which is up from under two million five years prior to that time. So, with charter and alternative schools rising in popularity among students, how do you know that this solution is best for your family? Use this guide to assist you.

Your Child Needs One-on-one Attention

A public school alternative may be needed if your child just cannot thrive without personal attention from an aide or teacher. In the public school setting, your child often only receives periodic teacher attention unless they are willing to visit with a teacher outside school hours or during lunch. Not so at an alternative or charter school, where classroom sizes are often smaller and more aides and teachers are available to assist with a variety of student concerns.

Your Child Needs Special Learning Techniques

Not every child learns the same way, and public schools often only have one method of teaching that they adhere to. When your child falls behind, they start to lose confidence and feel poorly about their overall intelligence, which is not something you want them to worry about.

An alternative high school can give your child the skills and individual learning style they need to thrive at school. And charter school programs are not just for children who learn their own special way; you can send your child to an accelerated charter high school if your child is thinking about dropping out or wants to get started on their next level of education, like college, sooner.

There are many ways your child can take advantage of a public school alternative. This type of schooling can help keep your kid motivated and make them a better student so they can graduate and move on to a great college or professional career.

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