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NCF Charter School is one of the leading Alachua County charter schools. Our new approach to education in an ever-changing world is what separates us from other Alachua County schools. We recognize that the traditional educational system is not a perfect fit for every student. That’s why we strive to create a productive and innovative environment for every one of our learners, no matter what their needs.

NCF Charter is a [SACS ACCREDITED] institution that provides a standard Alachua County diploma. NCF Charter uses a computer-based approach, and our courses can be accessed at home or the library. We also give our students the option to transfer their earned credits to other Florida high schools.


NCF Charter is also one of the top Title I schools in Florida. We receive supplemental funding from the government, which we use to better improve our services. This includes providing professional development training for teachers, upgrading learning equipment and materials, and offering tutoring services and remedial sessions for students. On top of that, we also work closely with parents in organizing activities that help promote family engagement. Because here at NCF Charter, we believe that having a strong support network can positively influence our students’ performance.

We also offer a promising dropout recovery and prevention program for out-of-school-youths. We are dedicated to helping them secure a high school diploma by providing them with the necessary resources. This includes strategic assistance and emotional support.

Every student at our Alachua County charter school receives individual attention based on his or her academic needs. The goal of our accelerated charter high school program is to create active, engaged learners who achieve all their goals in a timely and efficient manner. Whether it be getting into a good college, applying for vocational training, or entering the workforce, we’re here to assist them. In addition to that, we also help students recover credits so they can return to their original high school.

Join our community and experience the benefits of enrolling at a highly-acclaimed charter school for yourself. If you have questions, please reach out to us today!

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