Secondary Education in Gainesville, FL

North Central Florida Charter School is located at 1000 NE 16th Ave Building C Gainesville, FL 32601. One of the leading Title I schools in the state, North Central Florida Charter School offers all high school and middle school students an accelerated, individualized curriculum through our secondary education program. We also provide an excellent dropout recovery program for out-of-school youths who are looking to get a diploma.

As a Title I school, it’s our goal to:

  • Assist students in achieving their educational goals

As a Title I School, our mission is to help your child excel in and out of the classroom. Whether it’s to get into a good college or land a promising job, we’ll provide them with resources that can assist with their goals. This includes learning materials and equipment, as well as tutorial services and remedial sessions.

  • Improve staff development

We allocate a portion of our budget to provide professional development training for our faculty members. They also undergo an evaluation to ensure that their performance meets school standards. These help guarantee that your child is receiving only the best secondary education in Gainesville, FL.

  • Encourage engagement among parents, families, and communities

At North Central Florida Charter School, we believe in the importance of having a strong support system. That’s why we coordinate with parents to find ways on how they can utilize their roles to help with their child’s performance. We also implement programs and activities that aim to increase parent involvement in their child’s education.

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Through our secondary education program, Gainesville, FL, high school students are given extra instructional support to help them achieve state standards. We also utilize innovative teaching methods that help promote child engagement. If you’re interested in applying, contact us during business hours, or fill out our Student Interest Form. North Central Florida Charter School has open enrollments throughout the year, so reach out today. We’d love to welcome you to our institution!

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