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North Central Florida Charter School is one of the leading Title I schools in Florida. That means our students receive supplemental funding from the Federal Government so they could be assisted with their educational goals. The U.S. Department of Education stated that Title I schools guarantee a “fair and equal education” for all students.

Through innovation and excellence, our students are given extra instructional support beyond what a regular classroom can provide. They also have access to opportunities that can help them succeed in their respective programs and attain grade-level proficiency. Here are other benefits that your child can receive from a Title I school:

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Our educators must undergo evaluation, as well as secure state certification before they can conduct classes. Our school also allots a portion of its funds to give its faculty members proper training and development. These help ensure that your child is receiving only high-quality education.

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We make use of our Title I funding to provide supplemental after-school programs for our students. This includes tutorial services and remedial sessions for those struggling with certain subjects. Children will also have access to helpful resources like learning materials and equipment.

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Our Title I program includes recovery efforts for out-of-school youths, especially those who wish to secure a high school diploma. We help them get back on track by providing them with the strategic assistance and emotional support they need.

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As a Title I school, we believe that having a strong support system can positively influence a child’s performance in school. That’s why we work closely with parents to find ways on how they can utilize their roles to help with their child’s academic success.

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