High school dropouts have been an existing problem in the education system. In America, the tally varies each year, with the recent number of status dropouts—teens ages 16 to 24 years old—being at 2.1 million in 2018. Some of the common problems that may have led them to drop out include:

  • Loss of hope because of failing grades
  • Monetary issues
  • Lack of parental support
  • Early pregnancy or parenthood
  • Being bored with school

These issues are evidence that students need the guidance of their parents and school to understand the importance of education. Although the reasons students drop out may vary, it still leads to similar consequences such as fewer job opportunities, lower salary offers, and even possibly getting involved with criminal activities. To prevent the numbers from significantly increasing, teachers can also help provide solutions for high school dropouts. Here are some of the ways they can assist:

Be Mindful of Warning Signs

There are different reasons students consider dropping out. However, that doesn’t mean that there is no way of recognizing early warning signs. It could be feelings of hopelessness after getting failed grades or other factors such as classmates or personal family problems. Either way, teachers need to watch out for these hints as soon as possible to provide students with proper guidance on their life decisions.

Create Fun and Relevant Learning Experience

Sometimes, students may find school boring and irrelevant to their future. As such, it’s the teacher’s job to remind them of the importance of receiving a diploma in achieving their dreams and goals. They can do so by asking them about careers they want to pursue and assist them in finding excellent schools they can look forward to. Educators can also keep their students engaged by applying different teaching methods where high school students can use various learning styles.

Partner With Their Parents

Teachers may not know everything about their students. That is why it’s essential to work with people who do, such as their parents or guardians, to guide them better. This way, school instructors can keep them updated about their child’s behavior at school and work on ways to improve it. Similarly, they can give tips to parents on how they can reach out to their kids and offer assistance or encouragement about their studies.

Get the Best Support for Your Child’s Education

At North Central Florida Charter School, we are committed to finding solutions for high school dropouts and guiding them in making good choices. As a charter school in Gainesville, FL, we assist students, so they are well-prepared for their future. Call us to learn more about charter schools and how we can help your child today!