The global outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced governments around the world to impose a lockdown. As such, mass gatherings are prohibited to curb the spread of the deadly disease.

The virus has challenged institutional norms as well as the established ways of modern living. In the United States, a glaring hole in the educational system has been brought to light.

Physical classes in all levels have been suspended as students and staff members alike are not allowed to go to campuses. As a result, schools are forced to completely cancel the academic year and implement online sessions in lieu of the classes.

Innovation of Education

Untethered by conventional structures, charters schools are better equipped for unusual circumstances such as a global pandemic. Unlike traditional educational institutions, experimentation and innovation are built-in mechanisms of charter school programs.

Unorthodox methods of educating students allow a charter school in Alachua County and others all over the country to transition smoothly to conducting online classes. Unlike conventional schools, however, charter academies are able to give each student the right amount of focus and attention, even with a distance barrier.

Because of COVID-19, schools are forced to change their basic approach in accomplishing their purpose. Online tools such as email and video chats have quickly replaced the physical interaction between student and teacher. These methods, however, aren’t new to charter schools, which is why they are coping with the situation better.

Lessons Learned

Though not impossible, it is more challenging for traditional educational institutions to mitigate the loss in learning during the COVID-19 outbreak. If anything, this pandemic has taught us that there are inadequacies in conventional ways that needed to be addressed.

Charter School in Alachua County

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